Knowledge versus Skill is a common problem that most Managers come across in the course of their professional life.

Scenario 1 - You find a bright young graduate from a leading School/College/University. He/she has all the knowledge that you look for and loads of enthusiasm (aka positive attitude!). But you eventually realize that he/she is not "employable". No work exposure.

Scenario 2 - You are trying to find a suitable candidate internally to occupy a higher role. While a few do fit the bill, you find they have lost their knowledge in the course of their professional journey acquiring skills. You wonder why. And then you realize that perhaps the organization is itself to be blamed. Since it found them good at doing something, they were never tried for any role that could not utilize their skill well! In effect, competence did them in! Knowledge  indeed  has shelf-life or should we say "Book-shelf Life"?


We use business simulations and take the participants through business scenarios that are very close to reality. Participants run their own virtual companies in a competitive mode in a simulated market place. They make their startegies, follow-up business plans and fine tune it round after round. Each round represnts a Financial/Operating year.


While the simulation settings and the analytical reports ensure application of their IQ The competitive game settings ensure that their EQ is used too.

CapstoneĀ® from Capsim Management Simulations Inc., USA is a popular simulation game. We conduct simulation workshops using CapstoneĀ®, simulating a complex business model that needs to be sustained and nourished in a multi-layered marketplace.

The key take-aways for participants are:

  • Understand the big picture - Various stakeholders & expectations

  • Strategic Thinking Skills

  • Blending Strategy and Operational Excellence

  • Decision Making Skills - Especially managing business constraints

  • Improving Business Acumen

  • Team Dynamics - Role Play

  • Analytical skills for decision making

  • Business Planning

  • Understanding Dashboards & Management Language